Sunday, 27 January 2013

Crochet - American Flag blanket

One of my best friends moved into her own place in November.  I wanted to make her something to mark the occasion...but what?

I decided a blanket would be a good idea as she mentioned her flat wasn't always the warmest.  She loves all things American so I thought I would try to make it look like the flag.

I had a look online for some inspiration and decided to make it in squares.  With a little help from my Husband we worked out the right dimensions and it all seemed to work pretty well.  It did mean we were one star short, but you can't have everything!

This is the completed blanket:

It is made up of 234 granny squares.  Each square measures about 10cm x 10cm making the blanket approximately 180 x 130cm. In total it has 98 red squares, 87 white squares and 49 blue and white squares.

It took just under 2 months to complete.  I did it line by line, sewing as I went.  I think sewing the whole thing at the end would have been pretty horrendous, but doing it line by line was ok and it meant you could really see how much progress you had made.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the end result and my friend loved it!

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